Monday, August 20, 2007

Back to School

I love when college boys start back up to school. There’s always a good amount of twink butts escaping their parents and looking to explore their sexuality and their holes. This 20-something kid responded to my Craigslist posting. Lived near one of the universities. He was super skinny, tall, with black spiked hair. Had tattoos on his shoulders and ankles. He said his roommates would be at some sort of orientation and had the place to himself. When I got to his place, he was totally stoned. Asked me if I wanted some- I declined. There was some video game playing on the TV and a couple skate boards were propped against the doorway. We went into his bedroom where there was a futon. Told him to get on his knees and pressed his mouth to my crotch. Held it tight and felt his hot breath against the crotch of my cargo shorts. Instructed him to take out my cock. Stared up at me with the most beautiful blue eyes. He held it inside his hands and then put his mouth on the head of my dick. Pumped my cock into his throat- felt it get big and hard down his young tight throat. Slid my cock from his throat and pushed his mouth under my balls where be began licking and sucking on my nutsack. His mouth, short on saliva, still felt hot and warm on my low hangers. Went back to fucking the young kids throat. Held him by the ears and tried to force him to take it deep. Pushed the kid onto the bed. Pulled off his shorts and spread his legs wide. Exposed his white butt. He assumed grasping his thighs and spread is legs even farther as my mouth devoured his hairy hole. Parted his hole with my tongue and pushed it clear up as far as I could inside him. The kid moaned out and could feel him pushing my head deeper into his hole. Could have munched on that boy butt all fucking night, but my cock was spewing pre-cum and I needed to fuck that hole. Pushed him further forward and pushed the head of my cock into his hole. Watched his teeth clench. He was still fairly tight- so I squeezed more lube on this hole and pushed it in with my dick. Could feel his hole opening up to the width of my cock. The kid spread his hands and grabbed at the futon cover. He screamed out “Shit! It fucking hurts!” I pushed deeper into him until I was slowly pulling and pushing my cock inside his hole. It was a thing of beauty to watch his ass open up to my cock. Could feel him slowly open up and let me invade his ass. He grabbed at his hair and pulled on it as I began pounding my huge ol’ prick inside him. His eyes rolled back and could feel that pleasure rolling through him. His boy cock was rock hard and jerked on it with the rhythm of each fuck. I fucked him hard while the soundtrack of whatever video came blared in the background. After a while, he said that he was going to cum. I kept sliding into him- jerking on his dick. His cum shot out of his dick and splattered all over his abs. After he came, I could feel the boys hole clench hard around my dick. He’d lost it. I gently pulled out of him and crawled up to his mouth, where I pushed my dick down his throat and began fucking his mouth. Made him taste his hole on my cock as I slammed down into his throat (forgetting that it was some guys mouth). Felt my balls slap against his chin. I bit at the futon and shot my load deep down the fuckers throat. Could hear the boy gag.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Roid Rage

OK, so I really can understand why guys use steroids. You know in our image based society where looks and body image is everything- I can understand why guys use plastic surgery or steroids to enhance their appearance (and self confidence). I have done neither. I’ve been lucky enough to have been quite content with my looks and body. There have been times when I’ve wished for bigger muscles, but have never wanted the expense with plastic surgery or the pain that results in steroid use. It seriously surprises me that American’s are surprised by the prolific use of steroids or the fact that they can’t tell when someone is using them? Are we really shocked to realize that Chris Benoit used steroids? Are Americans so na├»ve to think that the human anatomy can morph in drastic ways similar to Benoit in such a small period of time? Not to mention all the signs! A natural body build definitely looks different than a body builder who uses steroids. In a society where men are competing for major multi-billion dollar contracts, they feel it necessary to have a performance edge. So you ask what all this has to do with sex. Well, I’m so glad you fucking asked. Today, I responded to a post from a “power muscle bottom” looking to get drilled. We exchanged pictures. The picture of the guy was definitely hot and the muscle butt on this boy made my cock get instantly hard. Wanted to seed him badly. Nothing makes me harder than watching a muscle boy submit to me.

When the guy greets me at the door, he is wearing a muscle tank top and baggy mesh shorts. He is like fucking huge. His muscles look twice as huge as the picture he sent me. In his post, he said that he was 35, 5’9, 255. But no way was he 255lbs. He had muscles bulging where I never knew muscles could protrude. Had a handsome face with short cropped dark hair, deep brown eyes, and firm square jaw, his brow was definitely extended. Had a square compactness that looking freakily like a mutant wrestler who escaped from the WWF. He led me into the bedroom where he began tugging on my crotch. I pulled his head toward my chest and gripped his muscular butt into my hands and ground into him. Immediately he went down onto his knees and took my cock out of my pants. He engulfed my cock sucking it down his throat like a snake would eat a live mouse. My cock came alive down his throat. He was a ferocious cocksucker. Gripped my butt into his hands and forcibly pushed my hips into his face. It had been a while since I had such a take charge bottom.

Rose off my cock and slipped out of his shorts. He threw himself on the bed and positioned himself on his hands and knees pushing his tight butt toward me. He looked back and commanded “Come on Fuck me bro’!” My first thought was that this guy was just a fucking animal, but I sure wasn’t about to complain. I lubed up my cock and squirted some on his hairless hole. This boy’s ass was shaved complete of any hair. It has an airbrush quality that I had only seen in magazines. As I inserted the head of my cock into his hole, he immediately pushed back his ass engulfed the length of my cock. He rapidly slid back and forth on my dick. I just fucking stood there while the fucker did all the work. Sweet!

“Want to ride you bro’”

I flopped on my back. My cock stood straight up like a motherfucking flag pole while he straddled my waist and aimed his hole toward my cock. His ass swallowed the head of my cock and he pushed himself all the way down and ground his entire weight onto my crotch and balls. He screamed out as I laid there watching the guy fuck himself on my cock. He pound his fists against his massive pecs and screaming “fuck” over and over while big veins popped out of his forehead and sweat dripped from his forehead. I thought the guy was going to have a heart attack. He slammed down on my crotch; my balls started to fuckin’ hurt, and knew I was never going to cum this way, so I took control of the situation. I pushed him onto his back. Gripped him by the ankles and pushed his legs over his shoulders. I pushed my cock deep inside him and fucked. Once again, he yelled out “fuck me fuck me fuck me” over and over. Wish I could have stuffed his face with some underwear to shut him up. Kept slamming into him- fucking the shit out of his hole. Shouted that he was going to cum. Rapidly beat his fists against his chest while his cum shot out of his dick and dripped down his abs and collected in a pool in between his pecs. Felt his hole clench onto my cock and I piled drove into him- blasting my cum deep inside his ass. Afterward he panted like a dog still slapping his chest. He turned bright red, veins bulging out, skin glistening with sweat looking as if he was going to pop open like a microwave hotdog.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Welcoming My BF Home - 3 Way Fuck

To celebrate my BF’s return home- I planned a 3-way with a mega-hung versatile guy looking to pound ass. Knew that my BF would be hornier than hell since spending a week and half with his family and not really a easy way to blow out loads. The guy I invited to join us, was in his early 30’s, 6’1, 165, wirey build, short black hair, blue eyes, smooth all over, and hung 9+. Not your “normal” gay meaning of attractive, but there was this raw energy about this kid that made up for it. Anyway, I’ve known this guy for a while- he had an amazing throat and could suck my cock like no bodies business. Last time we got together he said that he liked group action so he was a great choice—knowing how much my BF likes big cock up his hole.

He sat bare ass naked on a towel on the sofa. With his legs spread wide, my BF kneeled in between his legs and nursed on his big cock. This thing was at least and inch or two bigger than mine and my BF took it down his throat with no problem. He moved up and down the huge shaft like a baby takes to a bottle. His lips looked beautiful wrapped around that fucker. He leaned his head back and enjoyed the smooth sucking of his cock.

He moved behind my BF and began eating out his hole. My BF pushed his butt clear up against the boys face and ground it up and road his face.

“Eat me fucker- fucking eat me!” My BF moaned as I saw his tightly grip the sofa cushions. For the next several minutes, the kid ate out my BF like it was a gourmet desert. He spread his ass cheeks and pushed his face clear inside him. Lapping his tongue up inside the crack and deep inside my BF hole. I couldn’t handle just watching any longer—so I started to feed my BF my cock. Slipped it into his mouth and started fucking his hot man throat. His mouth was hot and wet and full of suction. The kid had lubed up his cock and my BF ass. He was now finger my BF hole preparing to invade it with his motherfucking monster of a cock.

I bent down and gripped my BF’s head into my hands- lips apart I asked him in a whisper- “You ready to get fucked?”

He nodded as my mouth enveloped his in a deep kiss. The kid pushed the head of his cock into my BF’s hole. He pushed my BFs lower back down as he slid his cock inside his ass. “Open up for him! You can do it- take that fucking cock!” My BF bit the cushion as the Kid pushed all the way into his hole. Began to slide in and out of him smoothly fucking him. Squeezed more lube onto the crack and continued to slowly ride his ass. The site of my BF being fucked by this kids cock definitely was hot and made my cock extremely hard. Pushed my cock back inside my BF’s throat and began skull fucking him. With both our cocks lodged inside my BF’s holes, I pressed forward and pulled the kid’s face toward me and kissed him. His pierced tongue slid across mine. Could hear the kid building up speed and moaned that he was going to cum. His face grimaced and he shouted out. He screamed “Fuck!” over and over.

Moments later, I moved next to him and watched his lube and cum covered cock pull out of my BF’s ass. I pushed my cock into my BF’s ass. Used the hot lube and cum to fiercely pound the shit out of my BF. The Kid moved underneath my BF and began nursing on his flapping cock. I pulled the entire length of my cock out of his hole playing with the lips of his ass with the head of my cock and then pushed it all the way back in. My BF screamed out that he was going to cum. Gripped him tight by the hips and pounded into his wet hole. My BF’s cum shot down the Kid’s gobbling throat. I pushed all the way deep inside, holding by BF ass against my crotch, and shot my cum inside his gut. Afterward, we flopped on the sofa. Egged on the kid to nurse my cock back to life for round two, but he was spent.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Lunchtime Hookup - MWM

Respond to an ad for a lunchtime hookup. He says he's married but lives close by and we can use his place. We exchange pics- he's a nice looking guy- late 30's, short, stocky, good build, kind of like a Pug. Says he has a big chest and big thick thighs and very hairy. Former Marine and looking to bottom out for me. We agree to meet up and gives me directons. Tells me there will a big red Ford F150 in the driveway.

Greets me at the door- barechested but wearing a baseball hat and shorts. We shake hands- and he takes me back to the bedroom. You can tell his wife decorated- four post bed with lots of Victorian lace and trim. It gets me off to know that I'm fucking some guy in the same bedroom where he has sex with his wife. Upon entrance to the bedroom, he drops to his knees and puts his mouth to my cock through my pants. Takes my cock out and goes down on me-- devouring it like one hungry bitch. Huge amounts of spit drips form his mouth. This guy is working it up and down so fast that I'm forgetting to even fuck his throat.

Asks me to lie on the carpet- where he crouches in between my legs and nurses my balls. Fucker tries to take the entire ball sack into his mouth but just can't seem to make it. Goes back on my cock-- once again devouring me with mouth, spit, and hand in a fast furious pace.

"Can I sit on you?' He asks.

"Fuck yeah."

He spits in his hand- reaches around and uses it to wet his hole. He grabs the base of my saliva soaked cock and descends. (Like a boy who can take control!) His hole opens around the head of my cock. He pushes down- and his ass expands around the width of my shaft.

His eyes are close and his teeth grit together.
"Oh fuck!" he shouts as my cock is buried deep inside him.

I thrust up into him- his ass rises up. His hole loosens and there's enough dry friction from the spit and heat that makes my dick hard as rock. He starts veraciously fucking himself-- as if I was a human dildo. He bounces on me-- stroking his cock- pounding his fists against my chest. He's madly fucking himself on my cock which makes for an uncomfortable fuck. Thankfully he slams himself all the way down on my shaft and starts to cum all over my stomach. Few small spurts of cum shoot out of him. Takes a deep breath- quite proud with himself and asks, "Bro' did you cum?"

I hold his ass still and thrust-- thrusting my hips off the carpet deep inside his married hole. I continue to pound- his hole clenched tight around my cock. I push all the way into him- he moans out- because it must hurt like a bitch particularly after he's cum.

"Came Just now fucker." I tell him.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Fucking the Slut - Part 2

Friday night- after a long work week from hell. Definitely missing the BF who won't be back for another two days. So, luckily I get an email from The Slut. He asks if I'm online. I respond back- and ask him if he's "lookin" and he says yes- lubed up and taking loads. He's already had two today and looking for more. Tell him I'll be there in twenty. He says the front door will be unlocked to come right in- he'll be in the bedroom.

So when I get to his place- let myself in the house. Clothes are laying all over the living room floor. I hear the sounds of "fucking" coming from the bedroom. As I enter his bedroom- a big hairy guy is fucking The Slut doggy style on the bed. The big hairy guy must be in his late 50's, big barrel chest and tight firm abs- and he's covered in salt and pepper fur. The Slut is moaning like crazy as the guy pounds ferociously into him. Immediately I get hard and start taking off my clothes. Once undressed, I stand infront of The Sluts face and make him suck my big ol' hard dick. He swallows it down and I begin fucking his wet throat. The big hairy guys yells out "Take that big dick slut! Fuckin' take it!" He has grasped The Slut by the hips and is now driving is dick (which looks thick and meaty) all the way in and out of The Slut. The big guy yells out that he's going to shoot. He screams out. Moments later, he pulls his cum covered dick out of The Slut and tells me "He's all yours!" and quickly leaves.

The cum drips from The Sluts hole when I enter it. His hole is slick and wet. My cock slides into his ass-- and I begin moving in and out of him. The Slut moans out - "Fuck that feels good! Biggest fucking dick I've had inside me all day!" I'm pulling all the way out and sliding all the way back in- making him feel every fucking inch of me. The lips of his hole kiss the head of my cock each time I drive back into him. As I begin fucking him harder- he yells out that he's going to cum. He reaches between his legs and strokes out his load. He screams out "Fuuuuck Meeee!" I pound it deeper inside him- staring down at the Slut tatoo'd on his lower back. His hole clenches tight around my cock and I cum-- and I cum- and I cum. And I fuck the cum deep into him. I'm not going to let the cum drip out of his hole.

Not a bad way to start the weekend.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fucking the Married Biker Guy

It’s amazing how many married guys like to get fucked. Earlier this evening, I was boned up and looking at Craigslist posting when I saw this "married biker" looking to get fucking. The picture that he posted of his ass- looking very nice. So what the hell- I responded and he send me back an email letting me know that he loved getting fucked in the ass. His wife was working the late shift and was looking to host. We exchanged pics. He was tall with a lanky defined build, 37, 6’1 175, defined, tattoo'd, and pierced. When I got to his place, there was a Harley motorcycle parked in the driveway. When he opened the door, he looked like his picture. Short cropped black hair, black goatee, and small sliver stud in his left ear. Immediately noticed the piercing in his tongue. Yes, my cock was going to be in happy land! He wore cargo shorts and army tank top which showed off his arm sleeve tattoo’s. He had me sit on the sofa and asked if straight porn was ok? He pressed play on the DVD player and suddenly a massively hung guy was getting head from a bleached blonde with huge tits.

Started sucking on my cock. Must say he had the right amount of spit, suction, and rhythm as he bobbed up and down on my cock. The piercing in his tongue moved along the underside of my shaft which was definitely doing the trick and then flecked the silver rod against the head of my cock. I pushed him on the carpet and straddled his face. I fucked his throat- pushing the entire length of my cock deep down his throat. “Suck me fucker!” I held it deep down his throat until I heard him gagging.

Had him on his hands and knees- his naked butt staring me in the face. An eagle was tattoo’d on his upper back cascaded over his shoulders. I inserted a lubed finger into his hole. He groaned out "Ah fuck!" Small black hairs surrounded grew his pink hole. I bent forward and ate him out. Lapped at the sides of his hole- pushing my tongue deep inside of it- and pushed it apart as far as I could to get it ready for my cock. Then slicked up my cock, squirting lube onto his hole. I laid my cock across his crack.

“You ready for it fucker?

“Yes . . . please fuck me.”

I pushed the head of my cock against the hole- kept pushing until it opened up and sucked me in. Slowly slid inside him- feeling his hole open up to take me while listening to my tattoo’d married boy groan. Once I was completely inside him- I stated sliding in and out- letting him get used to the feeling.

“You OK?”

“Fuck it feels great!”

This is my queue to let him have it. I built up speed- pulling almost all the way out and then pushing back in until his ass ground against my balls. Gripped the sides of his ass and rammed into him over and over.

“I’m going to cum!” he shouted. He laid his head against the carpet- and stroked his cock.

I pounded it harder inside him making him take the entire length while I felt his hole pulse around my cock.

Moments later- I fucked him full of my load.

As I dressed, he laid on the floor- right by the spot, where his cum had been shot into the grey-blue carpet.

Monday, July 30, 2007

I was fucked by Wolf!

Saturday evening while my BF was in up-state New York visiting his family, I met up as promised with Wolf at this place.

We sat on his patio and lit up a cigar and drank scotch. We exchanged stories all th the while, Wolf stroked the back of my neck. He obviously could feel my trepidation on the whole meeting. My hand moved over and caressed his cock through his jeans. He licked the sides of my neck and nibbled at my ear. By the time of our second scotch, I was ready.

Wolf took me updates to what he called the "playroom". It was a small sized room with hard wood floors. The two windows were draped with heavey black brocade fabric. There was no furnishing inside the room- except for a black leather sling which was suspended by big silver chains from the ceiling.

He immediately forced me on to my knees. I obediently kneeled before him (as so many bottoms had kneeled before me). I unbuckled his big black belt and popped open the buttons of his jeans. I sniffed his pubes. Wolf held my head and pressed it to his crotch. Pulled out his thick meaty cock. Held it my hands and stroked it back and forth.

"Suck it!" Wolf ordered.

Took it deep down my throat- massaging the meat with my tongue. Felt his cock grow inside my throat. His dick was at least as large as mine perhaps a little larger. Grabbed me by the sides of my head and fucked my throat.

"Make a cocksucker out of you yet boy!"

Had me undress. Caressed my buttocks with hands.

"You have a beautiful butt boy!" He said to me.

He laid me in the sling- my legs spread wide- exposing my asshole. Felt more exposed and vulnerable then I’ve allowed myself to feel in a very long time. Pre-cum dripped from the head of my cock as it lay on my stomach. Wolf bent down and spat on my ass. Massaged into my hole with his thumb. Flicked his tongue against my hole. He grinded his face, felt his furry chin fiercely tongue fucking my hole. He began inserting one finger, and then two, and finally three into my ass. He masterfully twisted his fingers in and out of my ass. My hole felt like it was on fire. “That’s one tight fucking hole boy!”

The site of this fucking hot man eating out my hole made me doing everything in my power not to shoot. He rose up stroking his big shaft. Beat it against my balls. Bent forward and took my cock all the way down his hot wet throat. His tongue rolled up and down the underside of the shaft.

“You ready to get fucked?” he asked in a deep husky voice as he squirted lube on my ass. Could feel it dripping down the length of my crack.

He lay his entire man weight on me. Took the sides of my face into his hands and kissed me deep. His tongue and mouth engulfed me—tasting cigar, fine scotch, and ass.

“Can’t hear you boy!” Could feel the head of his cock nudging against my hole. Kissed me hard again- his eyes staring intensely into mine. Pushed his cock against my hole. He pulled back and bit down on the side of my neck and shoulder- and I screamed out in pain. At the same time, Wolf solidly thrusted forward, the sling moving with us, and his cock penetrated my hole.

Grabbing me by the waist, he pushed more of his cock into me. “Open your hole for me fucker!”

I tried everything in my power to open up for him, but could feel my hole clenching tight against his cock. Wolf squeezed more lube onto my ass and pushed it in with this dick. “That’s a good boy, open your hole for me – just like that!” Wolf rocked me- grabbed the chains of the sling back and forth so my ass met the thrusts of his cock. Felt him push deep inside of me. “Yeah fucker take my big dick!”

And not sure what happened but the perfect image of this beast taking control of my hole made me give up any feeling of restraint. The fear I once felt had been replaced with the pure sensation of my ass being pummeled by Wolf’s big cock. I reveled in the feeling of Wolf taking control of me- forced me into submission. Felt my hole opening up to his thrusts as he drove deeper into my ass. He stroked my cock, which felt and looked larger and more swollen than it had ever had before. Then felt him push the entire shaft into me- ground his crotch and pushed up against my balls. Jesus Christ! His entire cock was buried inside my hole! The pressure was more than I could take and screamed out that I was going to cum.

“Shoot your fucking load boy!”

He proceeded to pound my ass while stroking my cock with his hand. He fucked the cum out of me- unloading all drops over my chest and abs. Even for me- it was impressive load. Wolf slowly pulls out of my ass. Feel my hole immediately tighten back up upon his exit. Ask him if he was going to cum—

“Bred your hole twice!”

He brought his still erect meat to my lips. His cock glistened with lube and cum. “Open up!” Slid his cock deep inside my throat. “Taste your fucking ass on my cock boy!” Nursed on his cock as I reached between my legs and felt his cum drip from my hole.